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King Cabs and travel was launched in the year 2014 with a short-term objective of offering a safe and reliable medium of travel to customers and a long-term vision of giving form and structure to organizations practicing outsourced transport services. -Some Value Proposition to clients are; Bundled packages - We offer bundled packages to our clients. We try understand the client needs and provide them with an all-round solution without them needing to source for an external provider in the same service. In this we offer taxi services and chauffeured car hires packages to clients, Technology - We have a taxi application that helps improve work efficiency and client satisfaction. The client benefits from a quiet ride because the app eliminates the noisy radio calls as experienced in other taxis. They also benefit from a one touch app instead of the old-fashioned signing of the voucher books in every ride. The client benefits through better tracking the cars, less paper work and reduce risk of loss of data, better fleet management and Pricing Model - This is the bundled cost of pay as you go and revenue share with the client. This applies best for hotels because it improves on efficiency and add to customer satisfaction.

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Taxi services within the city and its environs, Event transport and guided tours,
Corporate body taxi services(Outsourced Transport to an organization ), Chauffeured car hires.

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iBiz Center
Keri Road
51461, Nairobi

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Kevin Kibugi


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