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Black Wealth Enterprises Limited is a social and unique business distribution company with a focus on the energy sector. Black Wealth solar is the trading division of the company and is a women owned organization. Our flagship solar products are from Philips. Our mission is to eradicate the energy poverty in the Household by offering products and services that are affordable and easily accessible via a wide network of Esolar branded Franchise outlets, individual entrepreneurs, retailers and institutional and corporate partners serving the BoP market. Our target is to have no less than 20,000 mobile and fixed Esolar branded outlets selling solar products and services by end of 2020 all supported by an online Shop presence ( equipped with an on demand catalog of Solar energy products and solutions. We are also secondary distributors of other life changing products and solutions. Our focus on household energy solutions will guide our future partnerships and Solutions.

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business distribution

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Southgate Center, South B
Mukoma Road
P.O. Box 7585-00100 Nairobi

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Paul Okech



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