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Corporate Affairs Manager
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We are KWAL. We make it GREAT for everyone through quality, delight and Value. Since 1969, when KWAL was incorporated with the objective of providing an avenue for importation and distribution of wines and spirits and enable indigenous Kenyans to participate significantly in this sector; we have delighted consumers across Eastern Africa with award winning and quality beverages. As a beverage company dealing with both alcoholic drinks – wines and spirits – and non-alcoholic ones including grape juice and syrup, KWAL’s business includes manufacture, import, distribution, sale and export of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We are continuously committed to quality in all aspects of our business. Wine, being a nutritious product for enjoyment, is a flagship product of KWAL and has predominantly been enjoyed by our esteemed clientele, who cherish rewarding themselves and savour the good things in life. This is the delight, value and quality that KWAL brings to its valued clientele and stakeholders.

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Importation, Distributio, Wine Industry

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KWAL House
Enterprise Road, Industrial Area
40550 (00100) Nairobi, Kenya

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Gordon Mutugi, Corporate Affairs Manager
0722-202041 / 0734-600211


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